Virtual Staging service

The process of digitally outfitting a property is known as virtual staging. The adjustments are made on a computer rather than by an interior designer or home-staging specialist physically placing furniture and decor in a room.

Virtual staging entails more than just utilizing software to place fictitious furniture in real-world locations. Instead, a photographer photographs a vacant flat and “virtually” modifies the interior to make it appear more welcoming.

Graphicsaide Team

Graphicsaide established an innovative, proprietary virtual staging process as the pioneers of the virtual staging movement. Our method allows us to visually stage vacant homes using existing furnishings and décor, resulting in extraordinarily lifelike staged images especially for real state and interior designing services for our clients from all around the United States and Spain.

Our expert team is working tirelessly to cover various North American, European, and Asian nations.

Vacant Photo Guidelines

We wish to work with the largest photo files that our clients have (commonly referred to as “For Print” photos by professional photographers), however we need a minimum of 500kb file sizes. In addition, take shots horizontally with the camera held level at 4-5 feet (chest level) above the floor, with a good mix of floor and ceiling in the shot. For the rooms to be staged, we highly advise against utilizing more than a few wide-angle lenses, as well as portrait (vertically oriented) photographs. For a higher-quality result, our clients are asked to follow these guidelines.