ICT Training Services

Graphics Aide providing professional IT Tanning. It is an innovative IT solutions & IT training company that aims to realize the huge potential of automating corporate entities which was founded by 2010. The main aim of the company is to provide high quality IT work-based Professional training to corporate employee and Fundamental Courses as for all Non IT people to fill up the demands of the IT career. This focus has developed over the 5 years to include a range of very successful apprenticeship Programs with our success rates being maintained well above the national average.

We have a skilled resource person for IT training. Graphics Aide arranged the good quality digital training class- room. Training your staff/individual is extremely useful and effective not only from a business perspective but also for employees within the business. We giving very much intent to develop skilled IT outsourcer.

Nowadays IT outsourcing skill is one of the most productive skill for job or freelancing. For the increase of employment, outsourcing is the best way. So Graphics Aide provided the quality and relevant courses for the development of outsourcing.

Graphics Aide has a strong training infrastructure & trainer’s. We provide the world class course outlines. For every different topic, we have a different skilled trainer. For comfortable training room, in one room we have 25-30 people capacity with multimedia projector, AC, Wi-Fi and other digital facilities.

After successful completion of the course, Graphics Aide provided intern facilities, based on the performance of in- tern’s Graphics Aide also giving job placement opportunities in it own organization. Already we arranged more than 80/100 people job placement in Graphics Aide and other organizations.

Graphics Aide giving corporate and individual training. Corporate organizations’ needs to take training for they are a professional improvement. Individuals take training for freelancing and outsourcing. Many organiza- tion takes IT training for organizational outsourcing.